summer 2017

summer has come full force! here’s what’s been going on!

1. Church – Lots of things have been going on at church!


Our church participated in the City of Fountain Valley 60th Anniversary Parade! Parades don’t happen anymore. (Only at Disneyland.) But something about a community parades brings you back to the grass roots of knowing your community, supporting your neighbors, and furthering a sense of civic pride.

ain’t they sweet!?!?

Once a month, the jr. high/high school girls started doing our own girls Bible study. This is not a photo of us doing Bible study…it’s a photo of GIRLS PIZZZAA PARTAAAY!


and finally there was the thing that happened called Family Camp 2017.

Highlights from Fam Camp:

+ Pastor Jay speaking about God in our worklife
+ Girls learning to seek God in schoollife
+ Return of some of the older HS girls
+ Co-counseloring and tag-team with best friend Camel
+ Minor boba-poisoning from drinking days-old non-refrigerated boba (my bad…)
+ Forced rest as a result

Then these HS kids jumped right in to start VBS prep. Kudos to them.

the boys & their elephant

I also enlisted their help to make these (super easy but oh-so time-consuming) jellyfish which I adapted from:

DIY Jellyfish – Blog A La Cart
DIY Jellyfish – Paper Lantern

We previously made them for gusano’s baby shower. You can see them in the back. This was at the peak of my crafting career.

jelly jelly jelly fish

2. Work 

go to your community meetings folks. voice your opinions. everything counts.

We put together (and I attended my first) public workshop meeting!! Yes. Go community builders!

we look good…haha

After-work happy hour times with the co-works to celebrate Nate’s bday. They’re pretty awesome.

3. Volunteering for Special Olympics Southern California Games


I love volunteering for Special Olympics! They have their Summer Games at Cal State Long Beach every year and it’s HUGE and it’s tons of fun.  I ended up helping keep score for gymnastics. Dude, these athletes are so impressive! Take a look:

To volunteer, check out the opportunities here: Southern California Special Olympics Volunteer

4. Friendsss!!

More and more I have really come to value friendships in my life. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m almost 30 . Maybe it’s the fact that I’m without children and technically still single. I’m sure those things all played a factor.  Whatever it is, it’s made me grateful for the friends I have who love and care so much for me despite I have to give it to God who kept me single till now thus forcing me to see how my friends have loved me and that in some ways, I need friends (and not just a significant other) in my life to challenge me, love me, and encourage me. Plus as I have come to see, your significant other will make you Person Facepalming on Google Android 7.1much…so you’ll need your friends to help you laugh through those moments.

So, to celebrate friends, Cam + Gen + I + JW took our free harbor tour of the Port of Long Beach 

note: genelle

Choey + JessL + EW + I celebrated Esther’s 28 with delicious pasta and a Bruster’s ice cream cake! I think I found my new favorite cake. 

the most beautiful ladies inside and out

We celebrated new seasons for #fcbcfinest… more deets on that later on 


Caught up with my old discipler!

look how adorable baby Elise is!

Also, post-crying Noelle 珞 who gets cuter and cuter day by day

where’s momma??

speaking of…. 5. Relationships

Joe Walnut

@ the dodger game

“I love you” – as this is a blog to record the life of a Sabster, I will record both big and small and embarrassing moments, including the moment of the Sabster and Walnut’s first “i love you”:

It was a warm summer night, and the Sabster and Walnut were … Facetiming.  While on the Facetime, the Sabster was quite tired and started zoning in and out on the Walnut. Thus, the Sabster needed to go to bed so she half-asleep nonchalantly blurted out”kgoodnightiloveyou”. She froze as she had surprised herself.  In a split second, she thought to herself, “Did I just say that? Oh wait, he’s not responding. Maybe he didn’t notice. Maybe I didn’t really just say it…”

“YOU SAID IT FIRST!!!!!!!” exclaimed the Walnut, capitalizing on the moment.
Person Facepalming on Google Android 7.1” went the Sabster.
“I love you, too” replied the Walnut.
and there goes our highly romantic love story.

that’s my white T-shirt around his face -_-

but amiss all the “i love yous” and words of love… this guy def has a way of showing how much he cares.

I came home from Family Camp and found that all the fish in our fish tank had died – and not small little gold fish but BIG ginormous ugly fish you see in Chinese restaurant tanks. My dad, the official fish caretaker, was out of town for a couple more days, so the job of scooping the dead fish out of the tank fell upon me.

Fish-y smells and water are one of JW’s kryptonite – along with Trump and heat. But this guy tried so hard to be my man that night by attempting to scoop out all the dead fish for me.  (What really happened in the end: his girl ended up tag teaming in to scoop out the other 80% of the dead fish.)

I was reminded of two things that night:
1. Your heart behind the actions – it’s easy to love and serve when it’s doing things you enjoy and excel at, but a deeper love learns to sacrifice the “me” for the “you” and does things you hate to serve the other person.
2. Teamwork – means you do things together, no matter how hard or difficult. You buck up together, and you do it together. No complaining and whining.  Because as part of a team, you give your 100% no matter what your teammates do.

Also, ladies and gentlemen, she’s officially off the market. and I’m so happy and excited for them!! God is good!! ❤ ❤ ❤ sneak peak at the beginnings of 

heh. heh. heh. do you spy the lovely couple?

Our dear and lovely Charity tied the knot with Chris!! Such a sweet and snazzy wedding!


and last but not least, YES! Rachel and Josh got engaged! So excited for her in this new chapter of their lives. Can’t wait to celebrate with and for them all the way!!! #yuanmeover




lil bits of june

family time in mammoth!


stephen came home!


sister weekend @ the hyatt in long beach!! papa fung had a free night stay at the hyatt in long beach set to expire in a couple weeks. so we got to enjoy 🙂



may day (05.2017)

may day.

let’s start with some fun:

lots of fun magical-ness at the happiest place on earth with lots of fun people!

side note: i have come to the personal realization that disney is not one of the things i’m chill about. i can fully admit now im one of those intense disney people. go hard or go home. for better or for worse. but im trying to work on my disney chilling skills. God showed me that i need to be not selfish and drag everyone on 9,587,466,244,551 rides in one day.

also, this month i found out we had a avocado tree at home!!! heh, i have no clue how i didn’t notice it before…but i now pledge to eat an avocado every day for the rest of my life

avo-waffle ftw

then some un-expected not fun-ness:

this spring, i got a lot of bug bites. and they’re still at it eating me.  its lame. but the bug bites aren’t the worst. my body has terrible reactions to them. (see Exhibit A & B)

it sent me to the doctor’s for help and home for a day to recover.

first sick day for being sick

this was a blessing in disguise because God forced me to rest.  i realized, during this time of bedridden-ness, i don’t really know how to rest. God used this to help me physically rest – i went from my napping on my bed to the couch back to my bed for the entire day.

but then, a week later, i woke up with hives all over my arms and legs….

and ended up at urgent care. turns out i was allergic to one of the meds the doctor had prescribed to prevent infections from my bug bites. #storyofmylife

the sabster work place

also had one of those hard “i messed up”  weeks at work where my mistakes humbled me and taught me to stop being so prideful and come before God for everyday wisdom and guidance.

–> this tough  week sovereignly coincided with our small group’s study on Gideon’s life.  Gideon was one of those guys where God stripped away any possible manpower or human strength of the Israelite army so that the glory of the Lord could be blatantly and unmistakably displayed.  And when you read his story, you know it’s God doing the winning here.  Kinda saw that playing out in my life that week. which in the end im thankful for the tough times.

God always uses everything for His good purposes 🙂

Anywho, other things that went down:

took my sister & her friend to IdentityLA at LA City Hall.
sister’s highlight: free community concert where famous Korean dude performed.
sabster’s highlight: tacos from the taco truck

i spend a lot of time with my church fam. the high school girls (L) are the sweetest bunch around. as the story of my life goes, God humbles me and makes me depend on Him as i figure out how to lead these girls toward Jesus. the lil kiddos (R) are just my favorite! silly, sassy, and high-energy they be.

the photo below is pretty epic because the three of us on the couch managed to pull of a complete bday surprise for Choey.  Choey is one of those who you just can’t surprise…except if you plan a surprise two weeks before her bday!!! so basically. it was awesome.
thankful for her friendship

stephen, stanley, & alethia came back!!!! (more fam photos to come)

fam bam + future fam bam

speaking of fam bams, one of the sweetest couples ever, started their own fam! congrats to craig and bernice! jwalnut and i had lots of fun celebrating together (#myfavoriteweddingdate)

the wedding festivities continued as we got to celebrate our dear friend Charity’s upcoming wedding at her bridal shower!! you are loved Charity!!

ain’t she a beaut

and finally…

fung fam bam in all their glory

happy bday jwal!

Welcome to 27 JW!

stink eye-in’ from the age of three

To celebrate his 27, we day-tripped to the SAN DIEGO ZOO!!! Was an amazing day full of laughter, fun, and .

We started the day of bright and early at 6:15 AM on Friday and drove down to SD.  Stopped by Tan Hoang Huong Sandwiches & Coffee  in Tustin (right off the 5 fwy) for a quick breakfast of spring rolls and coffee/tea AND to grab sandwiches (with EGG!) for lunch later on the day!

breakfast of champions

Made it to the zoo!

Zootopia here we come!

Saw a bunch of animals! and took the same selfie 5,000,000 times.

a koala woke up to eat while we were there!! except it’s not the koala in this photo

koala in the back! prob my fav animal of the day!

To JW’s dismay, we rode the SkyTram across the park. I think he was terrified.

He firmly believes holding onto a pole is more comforting than my hand.

we ate our amazing, delicious, cheap sandwiches …with EGG!


decided after lunch was rest time on the zoo bus tour.


one of JW’s highlights was this tapir.


Polar bear, polar bear, what do you see?
I see a sabster lookin’ at me!


We got lost a bunch of times in the monkeys and bird atriums. Don’t have pictures of us there because we were trying to un-lost ourselves.

The last animal of the day was Xiao Li Wu, the panda! We look victorious here because we had just sprinted around the entire park so that we could make the final viewing of panda…who was still sleeping…but still so cute!


to end the day, we celebrated with RIBSSSS at PHILZZZZ BBBBBBBBBQ!

he’s so happy!

happy bday jwals

 

a couple days later, he tried to imitate a koala bear:


spring-ing into action [april 2017]

it’s been a busy month in the sabstering world…

Bernice’s bridal shower happened! God is so good to have let our lives cross paths.  I’ve been so blessed by her in our small group.  Can’t wait to celebrate her and Craig!

speaking of small group, Chris, also in our sg, just joined our church! yay Chris!


AOK went ice skating. I’m a terrible ice skater but these girls kicked butt on the ice!


Also, Eddie:

he was SO happy to eat this pizza at the ice skating rink. go eddie!

couple of fun work things: making cards for administrative professionals’ day, City events, and celebrating Albert’s baby (they had the taco man come! so yummms!)

went back to school to attend an AICP info session for the planning certification exam! hoping to take it on Nov…pretty nervous!


my favorite baby….she’s getting so big so fast!!

YAN girls reunion…it’s been two years since YAN! also this was a good day because Rachel and I had a girls day for her bday… Korean fusion chicken sandwiches from Holdaak in Fullerton, boba from GongCha, shopping!!, Starbucks, and getting our nails done. best day ever.

YAN success story

also, more SHOPPING!!!

i only went to get a gift for someone…but ended up with WAY more…

despite lots going on, somehow i still managed to embarrass my sister by picking her up from school one day like this:

#embarassingmom #noshame

KALEO put on a #paintnite led by j.yee.  it was a blast. jwals even came with.

that’s a wrap folks for now… more to be coming soon! it’s a busy spring!

yosemite (2017)

One of the reasons I love traveling is being able to see God’s faithfulness along the journey, every step of the way.  So, when Camel invited me to join her on an adventure to Yosemite National Park a couple weeks back, the only answer possible was “yes”.

Processed with VSCO with f3 preset

Here we go adventuring to Yosemite (aka let me show you how faithful my God is)



started the journey off at 6 am on fri march 31st. miracle #1, camel arrived at my house on time.


thus we headed out for a ~5 hour drive to yosemite.  miracle#2: two/three hours north, i realized i left my hiking shoes in the driveway of my house right before we passed Bakersfield.   so thankfully we were able to pitstop in Bakersfield so i could…


grab a pair of sneakers at the place that has everything you could need in the world. miracle#3: these babies survived at least 24 miles of hiking over two days without giving me blisters or bloody toes.


we drove straight up to yosemite when our awesome Yosemite guide and driver, Kristin, noticed her car was almost out of gas… and we had driven past the nearest gas station a while back… miracle#4: gas station in the nick of time (ie gas meter had been resting on E for while, gas light turned on, triple A card was in hand ready to be called…)

but then we got to yosemite and it was amazing.

tunnel view

miracle #5:

miracle #5

our fifth miracle came in the form of a beautiful human being: our wonderful personal unofficial Yosemite adventure guide, park ranger, trail master, driver, humble leader, and selfless host. without her, we would have probably died somewhere.

five miracles have passed and now it was time to hike the upper yosemite falls trail.

Upper Yosemite Falls Trail
(map and stats courtesty of YosemiteHikes and National Park Service)
7.2 miles round trip
6,526 feet [2,700 ft elevation gain]
Difficulty: Strenuous [might i add: extremely challenging, tortuous, death level]
Round Trip Time: 6-8 hours from trailhead

upper yosemite falls hike: you get to go to the top of the waterfall!

day 1. still friday. 1:30 pm. hike 1.


a little late start but here we go.  path looked alright as we headed up.


lunched midpoint w/ some Trader Joe salads – however, per our Yosemite National Park tour guide Kristin noting afterwards, eating lunch in the middle of an intense hike isn’t the brightest idea… …our bad…

despite all body’s energy being utilized to digest our salads, we continued our journey up the mountain – no turning back.  miracle#6: we I made it to the top… normally I don’t like to call myself out on these things but Camel + Kristin made it up fine.  I, on the other hand, was praying every 5 minutes “O Lord, help me up this mountain please. All I need to do is live.” and the Lord answered.

amazing view, you need to climb this for yourself

Despite telling my group to leave me behind every ten minutes, they [so kindly and lovingly] hauled my butt with them up the the mountain for an amazing, beautiful, indescribable, breathtaking view.

was it worth it? heck yeah

most people aim to be at the bottom of the mountain by 5 pm before dark…we started heading down the mountain around 5 pm (oops heh…a little late! ) miracle#7: we miraculously made it down without any injuries around 7/7:30 just as dark dusk -the point where it becomes pitch black- crept upon the mountains and and our Camel + my chances of survival drop exponentially…Kristin would probably survive.

day 1 hike: completed
body fatigue level: 95%


MIRACLE #8: this wonderful hotel/motel situation just 20 min outside the park complete with private jacuzzi used as our hot tub. thank you Uncle Al for finding us our housing accommodations.

When we drove into our hotel lot around 8:30 pm, we asked the front desk if there were any local places open for dinner because we were starving from our 1,000,000,000,000 mile hike… the front desk bluntly told us the hotel’s restaurant closed at 8:30. way to DISSSSAAAAPOINT.

But, BY THE MIRACLE OF GOD, while driving by, Kristin noticed the restaurant still looking busy.  Because, according to the philosophy of Camel, the worst that could happen is a “NO”, we went in around 8:50…and found out the restaurant had decided to stay open until 9 pm because it was hoppin – thank you hotel guests.

miracle #9: with ten minutes to spare, we had a dinner of champions complete with clam chowder, endless salad bar, beets, buffalo wings, chicken tenders, and burger.

bellies full & bodies clean – we went to bed exhausted ready to take on day 2.


we woke up. and everything hurt.
luckily, 2/3rds of the adventure crew comprised on physical therapists.
morning time was for body fixing & breakfast.

day 2. hike 2. also 1:30 pm.

Vernal Falls & Nevada Falls Trail
(map and stats courtesty of YosemiteHikes and National Park Service)

Vernal Fall Footbridge
Distance: 1.6 mi round trip
Elevation Gain: 400 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Round Trip Time: 1-1.5 hours (from trailhead)

Top of Vernal Fall
Distance: 2.4 mi round trip (via Mist Trail)
Elevation Gain: 1000 ft
Difficulty: Strenuous
Round Trip Time: 3 hours (from trailhead)

Top of Nevada Fall
Distance: 5.4 mi round trip (via Mist Trail)
Elevation Gain: 2000 ft
Difficulty: Strenuous
Round Trip Time: 5-6 hours (from trailhead)

to get to our hike, we got to take the national park shuttle. except, every bus that passed was completely full. miracle #10: Camel managed to get the bus driver to squeeze on three small girls onto the bus. miracles happen.

this was a gorgeous + steep hike. lots of rushing water and rainbows!


this hike was not as bad, but still pretty killer. if upper yosemite was 90% difficult, vernal/nevada falls was 75% difficult. so it was also a miracle (#11) we I made it up and down alive.

chillin on top of nevada falls

on our last day in yosemite, camel wanted to catch the sun as it fell upon half dome. due to my slow but steady hiking non-skills, adventure team had to adjust their pace. (did i tell you how thankful i am for them?) but, alas, sundown was approaching and time was running out. we needed to make the sunset. so for our last 2-3 miles, we booked it and (miracle #12:) ran the rest of the way down the mountain just in time to catch the sun falling upon the famed half dome.

beautiful, just beautiful

our hiking totals for day 2.


for our next night, we had the privilege and honor to be housed and fed by Yosemite Park guide Kristin’s absolutely delighting family … and we were so blessed by their family [grandma, uncles, sisters, brothers, parents all included) extending such warm hospitality and love. i can confidently say their love for us was one of the ways we saw God loving and taking care of us (miracle thanksgiving #13).


BSF time

By Day 3, Sunday, it was time to head home. Lovely morning spent eating dark chocolate oatmeal, trail mix, and God’s word before heading out.

sorry team leader, we have failed you (Zzzzz…)

our fearless team leader led the way home as camel and i KO-ed. that’s a wonderful ending for a great trip.


what can i say but that God is good to give me one heck of a bffl

she’s my one and only, forever

i considered ending this post with a beautiful shot of yosemite, but, i thought this one was more fitting.


march (2017) means…

march means…

time for movie season to begin!!

started off strong with Beauty & the Beast & go go PowerRangers. Both awesome flashback movies. Can’t wait for F8 of the Furious, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor Ragnorak, and the Defender series on Netflix!!!

also time for some dim sum in rowland heights with the kaleo folk. pro tip: get here before 9:30 to decrease your waiting time. also, ask me about the story of the bao sometime.

lots of eating means I should probably exercise. JW and I found some trails for hiking in Rowland Heights.


we also spent some time LA Galaxy-ing together.

it’s a Joe sandwich!

and celebrating the other Joe’s birthday. also noted: JW and I were pretty annoyed with each other right before the bday celebrations. while it took us a couple days to work it out, it makes me thankful that we are able to work stuff out and that he’s a pretty understanding guy. it kinda makes me wonder what i’ll think of our current arguments ten years from now…

there was lots of time to be spent with friends! feat. the fcbcfv crew (top left), (top right), the new genelle (bottom right), and the mowie3000bday bash (bottom left).

bday boy – still so young

daddy’s bday!!!


had first latte during sg bible study at in-sit coffee in buena park. it’s the white one at the bottom left corner, an almond latte. i ❤ anything almond.


terrible lighting but bathroom selfie in my sotela dress!!! Sotela is a sustainable, ethical, and modern clothing line designed to cater to a woman’s natural body changes over time.  Meaning – one dress to rule them all!! The owner and designer is an amazing woman!! Hear her story and check them out!


and to end this post – the cutest lil goober around, lin duo duo.