a past life of a sabster (2015).

2015 flew by, and it was an amazing year! utterly, AMAZE-BALLS yo.

Looking back, God opened my eyes to help me see everything I already have and you know what? there was nothing more I could ask for. except to be thankful and praise Him.

Awesome moments of 2015

  • Ending a year as a transportation planner (yes, in theory we help plan how to reduce traffic in your city). also, many lessons in saying goodbye and making new friends here too.
  • Starting work as a planning assistant in the City i grew up in (watch out C-Town, here I come).
  • Celebrating Cow&Robbie’s wedding and the privilege to share life with her for the last couple years.
  • Travels … to the land of kimchi! with rach, chris+charity and the motherland (HK) and Washington with the cambam.
  • Embracing the #yalife. seriously. having the best #yacrew to chill and hang out with and go on awesome adventures all day any day. i could ask for nothing more.
  • …finally starting to understand what contentment is all about.  it’s rooted deeply in thankfulness to a God who i believe.