Great Days of 2016

At the beginning of 2016, I really didn’t know what to resolute for this year.  Eating less and exercising more isn’t realllly my thing. (kudos to you if that’s your thang tho, i should probably be more like you).

The word that came to my mind thinking about this year was : BLANK PAGES. Blank Pages, not because i like taylor swift. But because I can’t really imagine what’s ahead this year. I’m not sure what God has in store. It’s literally a Blank Page. It makes me a little nervous and sort of excited. 

Nonetheless, it’s always important to push yourself to grow and do you better. So, three (seemingly) simple things for this year.

  1. Go deeper in the Word and my relationship with God. (which would probably starts with me not watching as many re-runs of Parks & Rec on netflix)
  2. Figure out this relationship business.
  3. Write down the Great Days of 2016, as I call them. To remember, how great life is in general, no matter what.