great days of jan.

2016 started greatwhy, you might ask. let me tell you. 

first, there was january 1st. a night of gathering of the folk of FCBC at the wu’s. homemade japanese ayce okinomiyaki + kitsune udon. coco’s harvest pie, heralded as the “best pie ever”. time reflecting in the Lord. outdoor night cement soccer (interpret that as you may). games! games! games! until delirium ensued at 3 am (omg we are crazy people!). and our annual NY breakfast… then off to spend the NY with the usc sisters hiking, sleeping, and shabu-ing. twas great. just great.

fcbc’s finest gathered on NYE

then january 2nd came. and i got my bob ross/art therapy session fill for the next months.

happy trees i tell you, happy trees

january 6

  1. presented at my first planning commission! future leslie knope, here i come!
  2. vickie, the travelling pancake, came to visit from the land of the australians and kangaroos. it was here i learned how to purchase sim cards for international travellers to the US. so. hit me up if you every want to know.
duh, took her to the best burger place ever!

and then came january 9, my 27th birthday, folks. the big 2-7. almost 3-0. which is twenty years from 5-0. and membership to AARP.

now, normally I’m not a big birthday hubabaloo person. take me out to eat+send me a bday txt, and I’m a happy camper. (I think last year we watched the hobbbbitzzz). but I’m going to share about this year bc this one of a kind hunk took me out and made it all special and stuff. he found a lil hole in the wall and we ate some po’boys, oh boys! and then, went to watch the circus. actually, it was cirque de soilel and it was AMAZING. thanks jwalnut. thanks for making me feel loved. and not old.

how curious, cirque de soilel ‘kurios’