portlandia 2016 (feb 6-7)

one of the best parts of #yalife is travelling. hands down. so on a half-whim (and upon finding cheap plane tickets), camel and I hopped on a plane friday night to spend a glorious 42 hours in portland, oregon.

meet your travellers. camel to the left. sabstering to the right. two very different souls but greatest of friends.

all great travelling begins with a map. drew this one at coffee bean.


some trip highlights…

we ate our way through portland. thanks camel for finding all our food places. world, if you ever need food recs, contact camel.

public transit. here is where i thank camel for amusing me while we transited & walked literally everywhere on fri night/sat. thank you camel.

cow+rob joined us soonthereafter. and its always such a fun time with these two. good times catching up and so happy to see how these two  are doing.

then we all went to explore the beauty that is portland. and God gave us sunshine for the day! in portland! #blessed.

alas, our 42 hours ended here. so many good memories. but i will forever treasure spending time with this one, my one and only, FCBC’s finest.