vday & tidepools. (feb 14/15)

I’m so lucky. I’m really liking this guy.


Liking him has been a growing process for me. He’s a pretty logical engeineery guy, always (over)thinking, more cautious about life as a whole. but he has continually surprised me with his sweetness, tenderness, thoughtfulness, and goofiness. I can be a total weird dork around him and he’s cool with it (…so far). And I appreciate how he thinks about our relationship and does his best to figure out how to date in a way that encourages and builds each other up in the Lord.

Valentine’s day is not his thing, but out of the kindness of his soul, he made dinner (homemade carne asada tacos with guac, pico de gallo, IMG_5987beans, tortilla, and toasted Superior! chips…YUM!) and got stuff for strawberries (although I kind of derailed his plans by bringing some of my own) and got me tulips! The best part of it was just being with him and being able to be thankful for how much effort he put into all of it! (Like borrowing a grill and trial-running everything a day before.)

The day after V-day was Presidents’ Day, and we got to spend the whole day together (woot! government workers). The day consisted of tidepooling, Mitsuwa (he loved it and takoyaki), museum exhibits at Bodies! and Titanic! in Buena Park, friendship braceletting at my house, watching Parks & Rec together, and being attacked by Bolo.

It’s been two months with this fellow, and I can say it’s been pretty .