USC-ing [march 17.18.19]

It was one of those weekends catch up/ let’s hang weekend! Let me present to you these amazing ladies of USC:


Soph – My very very tall and Korean friend with a penchant for writing (I probably used penchant wrong; sorry Soph.)


CSDang (left) – One of my heros from grad school. She’s both a full time architect and mother of two adorable toddler twins. If that weren’t crazy enough, she went to grad school full time as a commuter. She is one of the people who exudes boundless kindness and love.


Joyceeeee  – I haven’t seen her since undergrad…its been 5 or 6 years?  We finally got to see each other, enjoy a beautiful hike in Highland Park, and do brunch. Hoping for many more to come!