april 2 (fung-family day trip)

it was a girls morning out!

lil’ steff wanted to go and see the hollywoods of california. so we turned it into an “fung-style” la adventure. i dragged everyone out of bed and we left by 8 am to see the griffith observatory sans a hike.

griffith gets packed early on, but thankfully we were early enough to beat the crowd (and God provided an amazing parking spot for us–a trivial thanksgiving but He provided!). fung-family day trip = 30 min at the observatory 

have you ever been to hollywood? pretty gnarly man! we ventured to Grauman’s Chinese Theater to take a look at the Hollywood Stars and Footprints. this place was made famous (to us) through watching reruns of I Love Lucy when Lucy finds herself in hollywood. fung-family day trip = 1 hour in hollywood

then we skadaddled to finish the day at Happy Harbor Cuisine for HK breakfast in the SGV. fung-family day trip = 1 hour eating

fung-family day trip = 2.5 hours of sightseeing; 2.25 hours of driving. and that’s how we do it with the fung family.

ps. the same night, a bunch of Kaleans (jose, randy, jeff tran, and i) went to watch Batman Vs. Superman….. nananananananana BATFLECK! it was a pretty good movie we thought.