+/- (april 3)

this is both a happy   and sad   post.

it was a beautiful Sunday after church and I really wanted to go kayaking. jwalnut kindly obliged and agreed to go with me. so off we went to the kayak of long beach! and it was fun (for me!). i think jwalnut had to work really hard. (thanks wonderful one)

my most favorite part was seeing these babies:

i’ve been waiting for so long for these moon jellies to return! it’s been five years, and they’re BACK! there were hundreds, maybe thousands of them today. and we got to touch and hold them. it felt so special. everything was so happy 

until, jwalnut’s cell phone got water damaged . and went bzerrrkkk. so we had to get a replacement the next day at the apple store. PTL we were able to get a walk in appointment and get his phone fixed. very very thankful. what i’m most thankful for is jwalnut’s calm and understanding spirit through it all. i was pretty worried and stressed. he stayed calm and was not upset during the whole time (esp when it was my idea to go kayaking!). i think i am most thankful for that character trait i saw in him this weekend.