big plate chicken (april 15)

Once in a while, I find myself craving da pan ji, literally translated big plate chicken – and the dish is literally a big plate of chicken.  This dish come from China’s northwest XinJiang province  where one of the largest ethnic people groups, the Muslim  Uyghurs, resides.  (If you keep up with international relations, you might remember the tension/conflict between China & the Uyghur people back in 2014.)

International politics aside, this dish is a hearty & savory meal of chicken, seasoned potatoes, and chewy hand torn noodles all simmered in a spicy Sichuan sauce. Maybe one day I’ll try my hand at making it, but for now I will enjoy this platter in all its glory made by my local Uyghur restaurant, Omar’s Chinese Halal Restaurant in Artesia, CA.

Da Pan Ji

My favorite people to eat da pan ji with are my USC gffs (girl friends forever): Choey, JessL & Ewang.  On a Friday night, we went to eat this deliciousness and it was heaven, just heaven.

best lookin bunch of ladies i know

Now after you eat big plate chicken, you’ll need to walk it off because …its a big plate of chicken. We have shenanigans when we walk.