may 2016

some happenings in may:

may 1 – pentatonix concert ft. us the duo with Choey, JessL, + Ewang (amazing music with even more amazing company!)IMG_6652-COLLAGEmay 4 – presenting at my first planning commission (very thankful for a fun job and a boss who challenges me to be great!)


may 5 – cinco de mayo fiesta! (so blessed by the chan family’s never ending hospitality and love; they are such a great example of God’s kindness to the world)


may 6 – disneyland #walnutandthefam (only the happiest place on earth)

a whole new world

may 9 – last bsf for the 2015/2016 year! revelations was pretty awesome (it’s not really YOLO because we will have all eternity with the Lord! God wins! GFTW – God for the win!) for anyone looking for a bible study, bsf is one of the very best.

may 14 – captain america #teamironman or #teamgenelle (thankful for friends and good times and being able to enjoy movies together!)


may 15 – chewie’s bday! (she’s just simply the best! God is good to me by putting her in my life. thanks God!)

she’s just way too lovely!

may 17 – did a public transportation presentation at the Cerritos Senior Center for work! (combining gerontology with urban planning! never in a million years would I think I would be able to work in this capacity. all praise and glory to God for these opportunities)

my first and third grade(ish) teachers were among the seniors in the audience!

may 20 – last awana day! gonna miss those crazies


may 21 – this guy went to vegas for dragon boating over the weekend. i just kinda sorta missed him. so i had to drown my sorrows eating ice cream macaroon sandwiches from MILK in Los Angeles with one of my fav grad school friends Winnie and catch a free community concert at LA City Hall celebrating Asian Heritage Month with @sunovereden! woot!

ice cream macaroon sandwiches @MILK! it’s been like 3 years since my last visit

may 27 – jessL’s graduation! (thankful for how much laughter and joy she brings; and kindness and exuberance!)

post graduation shenanigans

may 28-30 (memorial day weekend) – mammoth with #walnutandthefam…a separate post to come later

one big happy family (but we miss Stephen!)

may 31 – my official one year at the City of Cerritos (so thankful for this work place and the things i’m learning and will learn)