It’s a jungle out there (june 5)

JW and I watched Zootopia at our favorite dollar theater a couple nights ago.  It’s such a good movie, folks. (aka you should go see it if you haven’t already)

But the reason why this night was so special wasn’t exactly because of the movie.  It started off (and probably ended off) as a rough day for JW and the day’s circumstances hadn’t made it any better (cue David Powter’s Bad Day song).  Anywho, but it was also those day’s circumstances that allowed us to have a ❤ to ❤ about our preferences and learn to compromise for each other. Granted, this is just one of many conversations to be had moving forwards.

I appreciate this guy’s ability to learn to put his needs behind him for me.  So many times I expect him to put me first (ohhh, how selfish is that! 😩) when I too need to be learning how to put his preferences first.

What I am also learning to appreciate about JW from that day is that he’ll speak up when something is amiss.  I am a keep-my-mouth shut, imgoingtoavoidallconflict kinda girl.  So, this ❤ to ❤ conversation was actually an answered prayer from KALEO Sunday School that morning (thanks Adrienne for praying!)  The SS lesson (James 1:2-4) was on how different trials come at us in life.  When trials come, our responses and reactions reveal our hearts and how aligned they are with God’s.  One of my trials/conflicts was how to bring up hard relationship stuff to JW because I’m the type to…. NOT (lol).  But the day happened as such, and God brought along those conversations so naturally and harmoniously, despite it being an awkward topic.  It showed me every relationship needs two people who love and depend on Christ independently and also who learn to seek Christ together.  All glory to God ☝️✝️!


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