a few of my favorite things (06.24)

On Friday night, Choey, JessL, Ewang + I went to a Sound of Music sing-a-long  at the Hollywood Bowl.  I didn’t know, but friends, this was a sold-out ordeal. Max capacity of the Hollywood Bowl = 17,500 attendees.  Number of attendees at the Sound of Music sing-a-long = 17,500. Who would have thought so many would  come for a sing-a-long?


But first, before, we got there, traffic was a butt. #fridaynightlatraffic #noparking  #takepublictransportation   FYI- the Hollywood Bowl runs shuttles and park-and-rides from various Los Angeles County destinations straight to the Bowl for a nominal fee (less than $10 roundtrip if you pre-purchase them). Otherwise you will be battling 10,000 other cars to pay $18+ for stacked parking.

The movie starts at 8:00 PM. And it’s a showing of the movie with song lyrics during the musical numbers.  At 6:30 PM, however, you can attend the pre-show where you can see hundreds of little kids parade on stage one-by-one dressed up in a Sound of Music costume they created.  Actually, everyone had the opportunity to dress up! We saw lots of nuns. I kept thinking they were real nuns.

For these summer events hosted through the Hollywood Bowl, you can bring food and drinks (alcoholic and non) to enjoy during the event. JessL brought yummie Trader Joe wraps with snacks from her recent trip to Austria to share with us. We are so loved by her!

IMG_7461 edit
“Edelweiss” complete with cellphone lighting

I was a bit skeptical at first, wasn’t too sure if I would enjoy myself. I mean, technically, I just paid money to watch a movie that everyone has on DVD (or VHS if you old school like that). But, once the movie began, and all 17,500 of us started singing “…the hills are aliveeeee, with the sound of muuuusic…ladedada…“, you knew you were gonna have a great time.  The audience played along the entire movie – laughing as Maria won over the children, hissing at the Nazis, and cheering for Maria and Captain Georg.  It was def a once in a life time experience.



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