breaking bread together (7.9)

this is gusano, the bffl. she’s gonna have a baby in two months!!  things will be changing in this exciting time. thankful i can share life with her. she’s just the greatest bffl i could ask for. we had brunch at omelette house in anaheim, but neither of us had omelettes (lol the irony). banana nut pancakes are where it’s at.

this is sharon! we met at a young adult retreat in 2014. by God’s grace, we still keep in touch. she just came back from a mission trip to kazakhstan, and God has been opening a new chapter in her life. can’t wait to see God working in her life. also, we ate at urban plates, so good! also, great cookies there (get the cowgirl cookie).

this is carina. ive known her since undergrad. she’s kind, sassy, funny and so smart! (also, a financial guru). she eats healthy. so we ate grass jelly dessert at Blackball Taiwanese Dessert in montery park. you need to go here. get #1. (icy, cold, warm, hot, take your pick! but my fav is icy). the dessert looks weird, and sounds weird. but it’s so goooooood. ive been here three times in the last 2 months. it’s that good, friends.

okay, i just showed you that i ate the world in one weekend . time to play some Pokemon Go and walk it offfffff!


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