work commute, RIP (7-12-2016)

she died today. her tires went out. we had a good run (or ride rather.) but it was her time to go. goodbye dear friend. *update as of 7-19-2016, wonderful papa fung replaced my old bike tire ❤

this is my shameless “consider alternative modes of transportation to work plug as an urban planner” :

one of my favorite parts of work could be getting to work without a car. when i was commuting further, taking the rail, bus, or walking was great. there’s something about public transit that is very therapeutic and gives me time to unwind.  i know many of you might beg to differ. but taking transit, you:

  • save $$ on gas, car maintenance, lower insurance,
    look at these new transit amenities that just got installed in the City I work for!


  • keep your vehicle mileage at bay (better car resale value)
  • don’t have to worry about getting into car accidents or getting pulled over
  • get exercise (instead of sitting in your car all morning/evening)
  • save the environment
  • get to see and meet lots of different ppl – be challenged in society with different ppl!
  • get to have someone drive you around (think of it as a taxi service yo!, it’s all in the perspective)


transit is great. however, at my current job in a small, suburban town, transit is not a viable option. i currently live 1 mile away from work. so, i decided to give biking a go! let me tell you, BEST DECISION EVER. every morning i get:

  • free exercise.
  • to work refreshed after an easy morning ride.
  • to save $$ by not paying for gas, car maintenance, lower insurance, etc.
  • to know i’m doing something good for the environment.
  • priority on the road!
  • to be known as the bike lady. (<– highly coveted position)

all great things. all this to say, consider other methods of commuting to work, friends!




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