toner cloner market art demo (7-16-2016)

hello toner cloner marker

a few saturdays back,  Art Supply Warehouse hosted a free art demo workshop ft. their Toner Cloner Marker. ready for the SABSTERING tutorial?!



start with a toner (not inkjet) backwards-printed image on regular paper and a wood block prepped with a clear wood varnish (to prevent ink bleeding). sounds complicated. okay, maybe getting the materials is a little work, but it only gets easier. 

tape image onto wood, image face down.

tape image onto wood, image face down. you got this.

IMG_7701using your handy dandy Toner Cloner Marker that you just purchased, press and ink over the printed image once. careful not to over ink or the image will bleeeeed.  careful not to underink or the image won’t transfer over. lol.

after inking, using a sharp flat object (like the side of a ruler), press and slide to flatten image to ensure transfer. sorry i forgot to take a photo for that part.

IMG_7702then, remove the tape. and. omg. you got a wood print. you’re amazing. basically.

IMG_7714give it some color with some markers. spray over with a finishing spray. and you, my friend, are a Toner Cloner Master.


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