the studio of universes (aug 6)

nine years ago, this video came out:

do you remember that glorious song? ron, ron, ron WEASLY. singing our song. all day long. at HOGGGGWARTS! it’s okay if you don’t remember. means you were probably being productive in life.

some of the old college-mates wanted to check out HARRYPOTTERWORLD at universal studios, hollywood a couple weekends ago. so we became season pass holders to the glorious place that is the studio of universes, Universal Studios Hollywood.

trying to figure out which pass to buy? us too. here’s a simple comparison as of Aug 2016.Universal chart

some snapshots of the day:

our first ride – the Walking Dead maze. i saw nothing inside bc my eyes were closed the whole time


harry potter world!

uhm, this was necessary for all those 3-D simulation rides. ain’t in my 20s no more folks.


takin it easy. bc we old. and need breaks.


ended the night with some buca at universal city walk! so yummzz!


…i’ll be back…


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