other july & aug adventures (2016)

july & august adventures…


fun time babysitting for some silly goobers. micah’s face is on point.


medieval times double date madness.


 david & lisa’s wedding!! aren’t they the sweetest!?


with the wedding came a mini ICA reunion! those are my friends! so good lookin’. i know.



wedding numero two! felicia and joseph! ❤ their seeking after Christ is always an encouragement to me! also brought my silly goober with. (the silly goober is on my left stuffing his face with stonefire grill. not the child in my arms. although that child is the cutest.)


gave surfing a go with pro-tip surfer Calvin Nguyen and Camel. camel caught some waves!!!! i got seasick. lol. but it was fun nonetheless.



jwalnut and i went back to where it all started/first met, @ jess & aaron’s place, for a friendship dinner. it was a fun time of meeting friends and playing some games.



us the duo in concerto! the USC girls and i went to watch us the duo on an adventurous thursday work night at the el rey theater in la. they were spectacular. we were pooped. #nomorethursdaynightconcerts #feelingit


and celebrated sophia’s bday with beach biking down at Santa Monica and lamb kebobs! woot woot!


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