little lady wu (08.20.16)

baby shower time! the time has come to celebrate with an under the sea-themed baby shower for our little lady wu.  some of the cutest photos:

lettering on point by ktam
voluntold my sister into helping with these chocolate covered marshmallows!
fishes for the win
probably violated some law borrowing sand from a beach for these
dont know if you can see, but rachel did an awesome job with all the banners! also, jellyfish.

in lieu of games, we opted for activity stations including an ABC book station, head-band making station, thank you card station, and guess the belly size station!

also, camel and i were 100000000000x thankful that auntie katie offered to host and take care of our main nourishments for the group! we couldnt have done it without her

a plate of deliciousness.

can’t wait to meet you in a couple weeks little lady wu! ❤



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