l.a. county fair (sept 2)

JWalnut’s obsessed with two things: football & furry farm animals.

Honestly, I dont always get his fetishes, but who am I to judge. I guess I have weird obsessions too… like putting black/white pepper on everything or live in LA and love buses/trains/lightrail/pedestrian activities.  Weirdos unite.

JW was desperate to visit some of his furry friends (and since we missed the OC Fair due to my busy schedule), he found his solace at the LA County Fair.

dsc04019Tip #1 – on Fridays between 12-5 pm, if you bring in 5 canned food items to donate, you can get a free ticket into the fair. sweeeet.

Tip #2 – don’t wear sandals to the fair. because you’ll find yourself in the petting zoo because those animals are so darn cute. and you’ll be stepping on sod that animals have probably relieved themselves in. wonderful.

Tip #3: embrace the farm – saw some demonstrations, paid a ridiculous amount of money for fresh milk (worrrth it!), and tried our hand at the farm lyfe.

Tip #4: diet before you go. so you can get the DOUBLE LAYER FUNNEL CAKE after you eat your plate of ribs, deep fried Oreos, foot-long hot dog, and lemonade.

Tip #5: find your inner child.


Tip #6: find yourself the sweetest bf ever who will run halfway across the fair at 9:30 pm at night to buy you elote before you leave the fair (without you even asking), so your yearly intake of elote can be satisfied. it’s the little things, friends, that count.


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