september 2016

besides the fair, some fun updates of september:

random family lunches  ….without me. thanks family.


on sept 10, little lady wu arrived! praise the Lord for a smooth delivery. so happy to share this exciting life moment with the bffl.

tried my hand at a green tea crepe cake with almond chantilly creme filling. 


started serving in high school ministry


encouraged public transportation at work. woot woot! 


YAN reunion with these amazing ladies. ❤ hold onto your friends, girls. they are forever.


wore my sotela dress to work! #everydaysotela … please excuse the super-not-hip and i-dont-know-how-to-do-selfies photo.


survived my first LA RAMs game with JWals… AND we got to eat taiwanese breakfast beforehand…AND ride public transportation to the game AND get these super AWESOME metro LA Maps.#thewaytomyheart #themapsnottherams


upcoming: sab+cam+rob+cow hawaii vacation  


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