1 year of friendship (09.27.16)


we’ve known each other for one year today.

we are two different people – different interests, ways of thinking, background, families, and lifestyles.  sometimes these differences create annoyances or frustrations that can’t be avoided. and i wonder, sometimes, how we still enjoy each other’s company despite our dis-similarities. i mean, i don’t love football quite like you do. and you don’t love disneyland quite like i do.

but i guess i also have come to see – your heart of gold, dedication, and (quiet) kindness, of which makes you the manliest man i know. your loyalty is as vast and immense as the Grand Canyon (please excuse my horrible and lame simile). its deeply endearing knowing how much you worry about me and look out for me. i probably don’t give you enough credit for that. also, you don’t mind my toots ;).

here’s to more adventures, friend!


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