Oahu – Eastside

Oahu was a blast! Mid/late September was the perfect time to go – missed the extreme humidity and millions of other tourists visiting during the summer break.

Here’s a quick recap of our adventures in Oahu. We’ll start with Honolulu (aka “Town”) and stay on the East side this post, but don’t worry, we’ll make our way around the island in the next post.

Start off your vacation right with a cutie and some authentic hawaiian food at Helena’s. Pork short ribs were bomb dot com. (CASH only)

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#vacationphotogoals ft. Camel

Can’t go to Hawaii and not go to a beach. Our fav white sandy beach was hands-down Lanakai Beach. You don’t need to go to any other beach. You’re welcome in advance.

Do a 3.5 hour round-trip jungle waterfall hike and get eaten to death by mud and mosquitos, run out of water, and feel like you’re lost 70% of the way there. But it might be worth it to get a hair flip shot that’s .

You might be hungry by now, bc I mean, that 3.5 mile hike?!  Find some fresh malasadas (Portuguese hole-less donut) at Champion Malasada to rival Leonard’s Bakery, SPAM musubi for the beach day at Musubi Cafe Iyasume (fyi, spam lasts forever so its literally the best beach food), and so good loco moco and poi mochi donuts at Liliha’s Bakery.

These photos document our fail trip to Chinaman’s Hat (Mokoli’i). We were so excited to walk out to that little island that out there. We even got halfway out there. And then, I couldn’t touch the bottom of the ocean and got tossed by the high tides. And then, Camel got stung by a Indo-Pacific Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish. And thus, our journey came to an end.

If you are looking to do this adventure, learn from our mistakes and:

  1. Go during low-tide ONLY. Swimming there in high tide is pretty dumb.
  2. Wear some Keens, rash guards, and yoga pants to protect yourself from the poisonous jellyfish and tiger sharks. (Okay, you can forgo the yoga pants because apparently, you look like a big dork wearing them into the ocean.)
  3. Bring a flotation device if your swimming skills are subpar.

But don’t let that Chinaman’s Hat get you down.  Take back Oahu by doing some kayaking or SUP at Hickam Beach (for all the military folks!) or a sunset hike at the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail. There’s also a small trail on the way to the lighthouse that will lead you to some tidepools, but be wary the ocean current.


Make sure you see all your friends that live on the island as well! Yay for seeing Yulee!!

Oahu has endless food options:

  1. Saimin (think simple ramen crossed over wonton soup dish) from Palace Saimin
  2. Lunch boxes from Mitsu-Ken Okazu and Catering. (CASH only) Airport hack: stop by this take out place on your way to the airport and grab one of their plates with garlic chicken. You’ll save yourself from having to buy overpriced mediocre airplane food and actually enjoy your food flying home.
  3. Sunset dinners at the Ocean House Restaurant

Yeah. So. Good.

Finally, the last thing to do, take a sunset catamaran cruise. We last minute booked one with Keoikai II Catamaran Cruises and had a blast.


Eastside Oahu, you have been great.


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