Oahu – North Shore & Westside

If you’ve been following along our Oahu adventure, here we come around the island hitting the North Shore and Westside.

First and foremost, hit the famous Giovanni Shrimp Truck and Ted’s Bakery. At Ted’s Bakery, you can get a whole pie that’s near the sell-by date for way cheaper than a slice. Worth ittttt.

Then, try your hand at cliff jumping off a 25-30 ft cliff rock at Waimea Bay!

im just gonna say it: we cuuuteee

On your way to the eastside, stop by the Dole Plantation to satisfy that pineapple dole whip craving as well as to find all your pineapple souvenirs. But don’t buy a pineapple…they are waaaaaaaay overpriced. #hawaiihack to be disclosed in a couple minutes.

Also in that area, hit up SunnySide for their fried rice special. (CASH only)

surfer camel, thanks to lessons from Calvin Ngyuen’s HB Surf School

Coming down to the Westside, you can hit up White Plains Beach for a local surf spot. Gnarly waves over there.

Where do you get your pineapple on Oahu? If you have your handy dandy Costco card, stop by Costco and pick up your pineapple for WAAAAAY cheap. You can also grab some poke and spring mix along the way to make your own poke salad. #hawaiihack

Also, Leonard’s Malasada trucks are all over the island. Make sure you stop by for a fresh hot malasada. Note, their unique-ly filled malasadas aren’t at the trucks and can only be found at the Honolulu bakery at this time.

What would Hawaii be without an acai bowl? Get them at HI Cravings.  Don’t let the signs confuse you…it’s an acai bowl shoppe connected to a massage parlor. But trust me, you wont regretzz.

Last but not least, find a mermaid at the Mermaid Caves at Nanakuli Beach Park. Prolly best to go here during low tide. It’s a pretty cool cave with crazy wavessss! (and maybe you’ll actually see a mermaid there )


That pretty much sums up the entire island of Oahu in seven days. It’s a beautiful island, guys.  Full of adventure, food, fun, and culture.  What’s best is finding great friends to enjoy it with because at the end of the day, adventures are meant to be shared with the greatest of friends. ❤


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