halloweeeenie (oct 31)

happy halloween friends!

group costuming!

i wasn’t going to post about halloween bc im not a big holiday person. but, it was a great day so wth. also, this was our last work-hosted fun event due to severe budget cuts 

every year, work goes all out for halloween. each dept dresses up and competes for the highly coveted title of: Best Group Costume. which, apparently, our department has never won – haha. (spoiler: we didnt start winning this year either if you were wondering)

yep, that’s us, the non-winners (i couldn’t bring myself to say… losers) but we pretty cute

the group that won though…

not gonna lie, that’s a pretty awesome costume thang going on

also part of halloween is:

in-n-out and ice cream!!!


and BINGOOOO!!!! i haven’t touched bingo cards since my time working in the assisted living facility. it always puzzled me why old people loved bingo so much. but. now. i. understand.

and because i’m almost thirty(!) and as a display of my maturity for halloween+candy, raining candy video.


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