oct happenings

things have been pretty low-key recently…but always opportunities to be thankful for the season of life im currently in:


that’s the awesome small group. so thankful for their faithfulness and steadfastness. we are memorizing psalm 139 together which as been REALLY good. +also new members joining too, PTL!


that’s JessL’s bday! we spent a day at universals celebrating + she found hagrid. he really was THAT tall. Who loses keys at a theme park?! apparently, me… ūüė¶¬†I unknowingly lost my car keys in the theme park!!! but SO thankful someone found them and turned them in. ¬†¬†more to say God’s eyes are watching over me and my keen ability to lose important things.


that’s JWalnut somewhere in there. it was fun watching JWalnut’s last dragon boat race of the year.


that’s my mini-me. we had some late night Taco Bell eats after friday night fellowship. isn’t she the cutest thing?


one of my absolute favorite non-home breakfast foods: taiwanese breakfast! fresh soy milk, joook, and carbs!carbs!carbs! had to do some recon work on a sunday morning for work and ended up treating myself and the fam to some ah-mazinggg food.  thanks God for providing small things in life to enjoy.


bunch and car testing with this beaut (is that short for beauty?) its pretty clear we’re unashamed piggies.


that’s an attractive man. haha. JWalnut went to Chicago (and Wisconsin). Normally, i’d like to insert a pic of the classic Bean pic here. But, this guy was so stoked about visiting Wisconsin and¬†the Green Bay Packers, I thought this photo was more fitting.


that’s my favorite school! while JWalnut was away, I was able to visit campus and help review some resumes for students at a networking event. and got to pick up some USC onsies for lil lady wu. PTL here – I street parked and accidentally left my car windows wide open (like straight up all the way down) for three hours while I was on campus (did i mention…) at USC.¬†and my car was not broken into, vandalized, or stolen. Thankful for God’s protection and watching over my dumb mistakes.


and that’s operation christmas child happening during our young adult fellowshipping. ‚̧ it.


back in grad school, one of the places i interned at was OCTA (transportation authority for orange county).  there, i met the best co-working interns ever. every now and then we try to get together. like a couple weeks ago, we got together and shared some BOGO ramen. sadly, we forgot to take a group photo, but we got a photo of one of the groupies doin his thaaaang.


also, big news in the fung family household. lil stan stan (left) aka youngest brother of the sabstering, officially started dating an ahhh-mazing woman (…that i have yet to meet)! ¬†so excited God brought these two lovebirds ÔíϬ†together. when stan stan finally reads this blog, he’ll prob be SO embarrassed i highlighted his life. haha but hey, ¬†that’s what big sisters are for.


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