it’s thanksgiving time!!

 旅 thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all time. here’s what’s been up this november season:


met this great girl named Alethia (stan stan’s gf!)


met this cat. who gets to eat steak.  he belongs to my friend Carina. i think i’d like to be her cat.


watched fantastic beasts & where to find them  with choey, jessL, and esther. thoroughly enjoyed the movie + the reclining seats we sat in to watch the movie.

then saw moana with the fam + JW. i liked it much more than i thought i would. i think that might be my favvvv song from MO-AAA-NNN-AA.


  more rams + a wierdo. 


got in the christmas spirit at universal studios!

got to celebrate Roxy’s bday at Build-A-Bear and my lil sis’s bday with a breakfast brunch! 

img_9488-animation  wedding time! celebrated Garrett & Jenn’s marriage!  re: relationships- i was kind of   toward JW for being on his phone a lot that night while there were other human beings around to talk to. and recently had been  about how much his obsession with football. and he’s been  at my “i want something” whine-y baby voice. i’m slowly coming to the realization that i am pretty critical toward JW. around all my friends, i wouldn’t really care about that stuff. but with JW, man, my expectation are out of control!  i guess it shows how much i need God.

 and finally, thanksgiving with the Fungs. This year’s main event was, not the turkey, but the ten pound lobster that Uncle Daniel caught! It was insane. I know, you kinda wish you were there to eat it too.

Now, we are gearing up for Christmas and the New Year. Lots going on. Many great days to be had. Photos and recap to come.


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