happy 1 year, jWals

it’s been one year of dating this walnut.


funny thing is – i kinda don’t know what to write here.

am i supposed to say i’m madly in love? seems too cheesy. and love, as i’m learning, isn’t all about that rush of emotion, that feeling of being swept head over heels, that satisfaction that i’ve found the one to meet my every desire, care, and need.

am i supposed to say he’s exactly what i dreamed of? because he’s not. he’s actually kind of the opposite.


Even though i’m not exactly sure what i should be saying one year into this relationship, i think i do have one thought:

Praise the Lord, my soul, who satisfies your desires with good things. -Psalm 103

Many can attest to the fact that I desired a significant other for the longest time. And in that time of longing for a relationship, God taught me much about contentment and finding joy and satisfaction in Him alone. I guess in God’s timing and God’s way, He brought JWalnut into my life. And while JW wasn’t at all what I expected, he was totally a good thing.

God sees our desires and gives good things to His children – mind you, God’s definition of a good thing might be very different than our definition of a good thing. But it is God’s good things that refine us and make us more holy, more like Jesus. God’s good things are always the best.

Like most, I had painted a picture in my heart of the best type of guy I saw for myself.  [insert the typical girl list of what a Godly guy should be].  But if God had given me exactly what my heart wanted… This guy would be so romantic, my eyes would have lost sight of True Love.  This guy would be so overly caring, my eyes would lose sight of the One Who Watches Over and Ultimately Provides.  This guy would be so effervescent and shiny, my eyes would fail to see the True Treasure.  This guy would be so perfect in my eyes, that he would become god to me.

And at the end of that relationship, without Jesus, it would fail.

So, while JWalnut, isn’t too romantic or overly expressive or effervescent. His God-given personality and character, unbeknowest to him, time and time again brings me before the Lord.  His dedication, realism, attention to detail, humbleness, quickness to hear, and loyalty to his very last breath have been God’s blessing to me.  It’s there I start seeing how JWalnut is so good to and for me as I learn to keep my eyes on the Cross, on True Love, the True Provider, the True Treasure, the One and True God.  and that, my friends, is what has made this so goood.

one of our first dates

So, its been one year and i think i really like this guy 🙂


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