’twas the month before Christmas…

christmas has come. and soooooooooooo many parties, people and fun. i’m a little bit pooped out but still enjoying it all:

Hot pot is literally the best winter food that ever existed on the planet earth.

joint girls sg hot pot party

My friend Carina is part of this amazing group that performs beautiful choral music free to the public.  They host an annual fundraiser gala with amazing food and music of which i had the pleasure on attending. If you’re in the Pasadena area, see if you’re free to attend one of their amazing concerts. Info here.

the best Mediterranean spread – think Chinese banquet style but with Mediterranean food

Church Christmas Party #1 – they had the deepest white elephant exchange ever. we were supposed to bring something meaningful to you and you would share what your gift meant when someone opened the gift. you learned a lot about people there. plus i guess it cut down on the random gifts nobody wanted….


Hot Pot Party #2. yah. live for the pot.

shopping list for hot pot party #2 with jwalnut + fam

Work Christmas Partaaaay – due to budget cuts 😦 this could be our last Christmas party at work. #governmentlyfe Nonetheless, gonna enjoy what we have. There were burgers from the Habit (loveeee them! on par with In-N-Out) and then we had Longboard’s Ice Cream come out and do dipped desserts. OMG guys, this is the best dessert that existed on the planet earth – frozen banana, dipped on dark chocolate, and covered in peanuts. Oh cowwsssss! If I could marry them, I would.

the highlight of my Christmas – notice this photo is larger than the other photos posted. because i just love it

With all the craziness, there were lots of moments to be shared with friends:

B-Shizzle’s engagement!!!

celebrating that shiney thang on her finger that you can’t see in this photo

A new life ❤

Hi baby N. i like the way you rollllll

The happiness that is in old college friendships

Aly’s smile is infectious, guys

And then amiss all the craziness, God shines through because He’s just God – always there watching, caring, and loving His people. i was having a crummy december day early in the month, feeling burnt out, tired, and just wanting the christmas season to be over. begrudgingly dragged myself to bible study fellowship (bsf) for the last class of december. not particularly excited. and behold, when i got there, my discussion leader prepared these little gifts for us!

the most beautiful gift this year

this year, i was put in a discussion group of older women, women my mother’s age. and i wondered why God put me there esp with the age gap making it a little harder to connect. but after that night, i saw how much my leader cared for me and felt so taken care of. it was something i hadn’t felt in a long time. and it was so refreshing and encouraging and needed. i see it as God loving me through her. so if nothing else this year , i see God providing unexpected people to care for me when i needed it most.

this is only part 1 of the festivities, friends. lots more to come in the next two weeks!


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