christmas part 2

some last memories to end 2016…

the last three months have been spent working to put together the kid’s Christmas musical at church. man-a-deers! it was crazy! crazy fun, crazy exhausting, and crazy Christmas-y. esp thankful for the girls who volunteered to help with all the craziness. couldn’t have done it without them!

do you spy what i spy? pizza!

High School group Christmas party happened – potluck pizza on pizza on pizza – Pizza Hot Pockets, Tostino’s Pizza Rolls, and Little Ceaser’s Pizza Pizza!


Cow+Rob stopped by to visit on their way to Utah!


haha family photo time


saw Rogue One and this guy eat popcorn. lol. I now aspire to be Donnie Yen with this guy as my fighting sidekick.


Braved the mall Christmas week for those last minute gifts. The waits were ridiculous. 


Kaleo Christmas Party – brought the cuzzy and JW with for a good ole’ time


made these little candy bags for work (although everyone at work gave much more extravagant gifts). gotta work on my gift game next year ….

white christmas!!

went to mammoth for christmas!! it snowed!! it was cold!! it was white!! (more on the mammoth trip to come)


finally, just good ole’ family time at uncle peter’s house for a belated Christmas dinner!


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