christmas mammoth (dec 22-25)

this is the third Christmas post! Christmas just keeps happening this year! so amiss all the craziness, our fam took a lil road trip to mammoth. so without further ado…

may i present the fung family Christmas travel adventures…

it was forecasted to snow in mammoth on friday, so we wanted to get up there by thursday night.

the journey

i got off work at 3 pm on thursday (early day as a gift from the bosses!!) so our family attempted to leave at 4 pm. with all the packing, bathroom uses, last minute car emergencies, dog poop breaks, and traffic, we didnt get out of cerritos till 5 pm. around 5:30 we realized -TRAFFIC- so we decided to detour to SGV to eat some dinner at 6 pm. THEN FINALLY, we hit the road to mammoth at 7 pm.


reached mammoth a little after midnight exhausted. but thankful we made it that day because…it snow-flurried all day on Friday. gotta stay warm!

so it was nice just chillin in the cabin. prepping an early Christmas dinner. napping. light exercise. watching some Netflix.

preppin some dinner
indoor workouts with momma
stayin’ warm with with mac n’ cheesy socks from JW
bolobao snuggies!
best prime rib by momma fung

despite the freezing temps, we did manage some outdoor time

mainly it was to walk the dog …

but we did manage to fit in some awesome sledding on some powder snow!


here’s a hilarious video of papa fung attempting to get up a sledding hill with waist deep snow!

then the sab slo-mo sledding action!

made it back home on sunday evening! driving with these gorgeous views!


merry christmas everyone!


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