happy new year!

happy 2017 friends! woot! 

lots has happened since 2016…


first we ended the year off at RYCE retreat with the high school cool kids. we were challenged to get back into the WORD because Jesus is awesome like that. plus, i found a new bffl at camp.

celebrated turning 28. officially getting old.

got rear-ended. this wasn’t particularly fun. esp going through all the insurance. (i now pray that no one gets into accidents because of all the insurance headaches).  thankfully this small incident has been settled but praying for no more….ever


isn’t she the cutest!?


camel’s mom taught us how to make beijing meat pies!


ramen night at AOK….we made 30 packs for like 25 kids…my bad….


the walnut and i went to see the enchanted lights at descanso gardens! although we look happy here, we got into our first big “disagreement” that night. ended with a very silent car ride home. but what are relationships without arguements eh? God uses them to make us a lil more Christ-like.


disney disney disney land with the camel + rox crew!


CA got some epic rainfall!! pappy fung got stranded in mammoth. look at that snow!!


last but not least, your favorite Fungs





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