feb 2017

oh my my, how february has flown by!

warning: most of the pics are real life photos. meaning, no filter and poorly staged and probably a lil bit blurry – but at the end of the day, real life is where its at, yo!

spent some time at universals with the sister. i embarrassed her thoroughly with my choice of footwear. pretty sure i’m gonna be THAT embarrassing parent in the future…

mommy n’ me

halal guys opened in Cerritos! took an hour off work and went to the grand opening! this is like the chipotle of mediterranean food. i’ve been trying to figure out their famous secret white sauce and have come to the conjecture that it has a similar resemblance to mayo.  while stoked that halal guys is in my hood, i think i prefer mediterranean food the way kebob crush or pita hot makes it.

ah-ah-ah-ah-stayin’ alive.

church offered a CPR class (esp. important for those working with youth). i must say, this was the BEST CPR class ever. came out of the class  learning so much feeling like i could save the world. (although, i hope that i will never have to use these skills).

this guy did tulips & pizza for me during valentines day <3. also these photos are super NOT filtered or staged. in reality my life is generally tissues and cups on tables and snowmen tablecloths. #keepingitreal


was also JW’s mom’s bday. i wasn’t able to make the celebrations. but i thought this was just the cutest family photo.


besides snack time, BREAKFAST is one of my favorite meals of the day. treated myself to breakfast at heritage family pantry after dropping stan stan off at the airport early in the morning to see the gf.  the big breakfast was really just in preparation to give blood at American Red Cross that morning.  give your blood friends, save a life.

some crazy storms hit So-Cal this past month. all the city trees seemed to collapse during the wind and rain.   careful out there!


during the crazy rain, we stayed warm with some fung-style hot pot, complete with newspaper placemats! because that’s how the real asians do. #keepingitreal

this is exciting news!! been following a new blog rececently, the blog of Hop, to keep up with new food places in the OC. her post featuring Ha Noi Corner‘s northern vietnamese cuisine caught my attention. been wanting to try northern viet food for some time now. after reading the post and drooling (literally), i entered her giveaway because, why not? …and I WON!! i never win anything!! this was quite possibly the most awesome thing ever. anywho, the lovely walnut and I sampled some delicious goodiessss and watched John Wick 2 to celebrate his valentine’s day.


amiss all the adventures, i bid you adieu with a photo of us during family prayer time in pajamas and without make up and all because, keepin’ it real.


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