spring thing on march 11th

IMG_0331 2

Greetings from Liberty Station, San Diego.  To celebrate the birthdate of Camel, we headed down to San Diego for a day-cation!


I’ve done the commute down to San Diego often while my brothers were at UCSD. What should have been a 1.5 hour commute…took us 3 hours.  <– That was basically me. Lesson learned: never leave for San Diego after 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning.



and celebrated with some grub at Soda & Swine (probably the best pic I have of the day).

According to rachel’s boss, BEST FRIES EVER.

Thennn, came time for some exploring.  Camel and I had ended up at Liberty Public Market for our lunch & afternoon festivities, and I had never heard of Liberty Station or the Public Market beforehand.  So after lunch, I had a couple hours to spare and went around exploring… and guys, this place is AMAZING

the super cool 3-d site plan of liberty station (on-site)

How the Public Market came to be:

The Liberty Public Market is a small artisan market with food, pubs, breweries, boutiques, art galleries, etc. located on Liberty Station, a former 200 acre Naval Training Center/US Navy Base (1923-1997).  The former base was designed with a Spanish Colonial Revivial style and comprised of training centers, barracks, galleys, mess halls, classrooms, offices, fields, you name it.  When it was decommissioned, the land was turned over to the City of San Diego as a historically preserved site.  The City then established a commission group to provide direction on how the space should be utilized.

After lots of discussion, the City adopted the NTC Reuse Plan (1998) to adapt and reuse the historically preserved site as a mixed-use development inclusive of a retail/commercial district (Liberty Public Market), educational district, residential district, office district, non-profit promenade, and open park space.  They contracted with a developer to do their magic and lo and behold, Liberty Station came to be.

I wish I had more photos of the space, but I think I was too busy enjoying the moment there and didn’t take…any photos at all.  So, you’ll just have to go there and check it out for yourself!

Anywho, Sunset Cliffs wasn’t too far from the former navy base so we stopped by after frolicking at Liberty Station in hopes of catching a glimpse of the sunset, but there were too many clouds and the evening midst had begun to set in = no sunset.


So, we stopped by Oscar’s for their famous mexican seafood tacos instead. If we couldn’t watch the sunset, then tacos it is.  Our fav taco was the surf & turf. Their ceviche was also pretty bomb.


Twas a day to remember with my favorite one and only.

Capture 2




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