march (2017) means…

march means…

time for movie season to begin!!

started off strong with Beauty & the Beast & go go PowerRangers. Both awesome flashback movies. Can’t wait for F8 of the Furious, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor Ragnorak, and the Defender series on Netflix!!!

also time for some dim sum in rowland heights with the kaleo folk. pro tip: get here before 9:30 to decrease your waiting time. also, ask me about the story of the bao sometime.

lots of eating means I should probably exercise. JW and I found some trails for hiking in Rowland Heights.


we also spent some time LA Galaxy-ing together.

it’s a Joe sandwich!

and celebrating the other Joe’s birthday. also noted: JW and I were pretty annoyed with each other right before the bday celebrations. while it took us a couple days to work it out, it makes me thankful that we are able to work stuff out and that he’s a pretty understanding guy. it kinda makes me wonder what i’ll think of our current arguments ten years from now…

there was lots of time to be spent with friends! feat. the fcbcfv crew (top left), (top right), the new genelle (bottom right), and the mowie3000bday bash (bottom left).

bday boy – still so young

daddy’s bday!!!


had first latte during sg bible study at in-sit coffee in buena park. it’s the white one at the bottom left corner, an almond latte. i ❤ anything almond.


terrible lighting but bathroom selfie in my sotela dress!!! Sotela is a sustainable, ethical, and modern clothing line designed to cater to a woman’s natural body changes over time.  Meaning – one dress to rule them all!! The owner and designer is an amazing woman!! Hear her story and check them out!


and to end this post – the cutest lil goober around, lin duo duo.



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