spring-ing into action [april 2017]

it’s been a busy month in the sabstering world…

Bernice’s bridal shower happened! God is so good to have let our lives cross paths.  I’ve been so blessed by her in our small group.  Can’t wait to celebrate her and Craig!

speaking of small group, Chris, also in our sg, just joined our church! yay Chris!


AOK went ice skating. I’m a terrible ice skater but these girls kicked butt on the ice!


Also, Eddie:

he was SO happy to eat this pizza at the ice skating rink. go eddie!

couple of fun work things: making cards for administrative professionals’ day, City events, and celebrating Albert’s baby (they had the taco man come! so yummms!)

went back to school to attend an AICP info session for the planning certification exam! hoping to take it on Nov…pretty nervous!


my favorite baby….she’s getting so big so fast!!

YAN girls reunion…it’s been two years since YAN! also this was a good day because Rachel and I had a girls day for her bday… Korean fusion chicken sandwiches from Holdaak in Fullerton, boba from GongCha, shopping!!, Starbucks, and getting our nails done. best day ever.

YAN success story

also, more SHOPPING!!!

i only went to get a gift for someone…but ended up with WAY more…

despite lots going on, somehow i still managed to embarrass my sister by picking her up from school one day like this:

#embarassingmom #noshame

KALEO put on a #paintnite led by j.yee.  it was a blast. jwals even came with.

that’s a wrap folks for now… more to be coming soon! it’s a busy spring!


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