happy bday jwal!

Welcome to 27 JW!

stink eye-in’ from the age of three

To celebrate his 27, we day-tripped to the SAN DIEGO ZOO!!! Was an amazing day full of laughter, fun, and .

We started the day of bright and early at 6:15 AM on Friday and drove down to SD.  Stopped by Tan Hoang Huong Sandwiches & Coffee  in Tustin (right off the 5 fwy) for a quick breakfast of spring rolls and coffee/tea AND to grab sandwiches (with EGG!) for lunch later on the day!

breakfast of champions

Made it to the zoo!

Zootopia here we come!

Saw a bunch of animals! and took the same selfie 5,000,000 times.

a koala woke up to eat while we were there!! except it’s not the koala in this photo

koala in the back! prob my fav animal of the day!

To JW’s dismay, we rode the SkyTram across the park. I think he was terrified.

He firmly believes holding onto a pole is more comforting than my hand.

we ate our amazing, delicious, cheap sandwiches …with EGG!


decided after lunch was rest time on the zoo bus tour.


one of JW’s highlights was this tapir.


Polar bear, polar bear, what do you see?
I see a sabster lookin’ at me!


We got lost a bunch of times in the monkeys and bird atriums. Don’t have pictures of us there because we were trying to un-lost ourselves.

The last animal of the day was Xiao Li Wu, the panda! We look victorious here because we had just sprinted around the entire park so that we could make the final viewing of panda…who was still sleeping…but still so cute!


to end the day, we celebrated with RIBSSSS at PHILZZZZ BBBBBBBBBQ!

he’s so happy!

happy bday jwals

 

a couple days later, he tried to imitate a koala bear:



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