may day (05.2017)

may day.

let’s start with some fun:

lots of fun magical-ness at the happiest place on earth with lots of fun people!

side note: i have come to the personal realization that disney is not one of the things i’m chill about. i can fully admit now im one of those intense disney people. go hard or go home. for better or for worse. but im trying to work on my disney chilling skills. God showed me that i need to be not selfish and drag everyone on 9,587,466,244,551 rides in one day.

also, this month i found out we had a avocado tree at home!!! heh, i have no clue how i didn’t notice it before…but i now pledge to eat an avocado every day for the rest of my life

avo-waffle ftw

then some un-expected not fun-ness:

this spring, i got a lot of bug bites. and they’re still at it eating me.  its lame. but the bug bites aren’t the worst. my body has terrible reactions to them. (see Exhibit A & B)

it sent me to the doctor’s for help and home for a day to recover.

first sick day for being sick

this was a blessing in disguise because God forced me to rest.  i realized, during this time of bedridden-ness, i don’t really know how to rest. God used this to help me physically rest – i went from my napping on my bed to the couch back to my bed for the entire day.

but then, a week later, i woke up with hives all over my arms and legs….

and ended up at urgent care. turns out i was allergic to one of the meds the doctor had prescribed to prevent infections from my bug bites. #storyofmylife

the sabster work place

also had one of those hard “i messed up”  weeks at work where my mistakes humbled me and taught me to stop being so prideful and come before God for everyday wisdom and guidance.

–> this tough  week sovereignly coincided with our small group’s study on Gideon’s life.  Gideon was one of those guys where God stripped away any possible manpower or human strength of the Israelite army so that the glory of the Lord could be blatantly and unmistakably displayed.  And when you read his story, you know it’s God doing the winning here.  Kinda saw that playing out in my life that week. which in the end im thankful for the tough times.

God always uses everything for His good purposes 🙂

Anywho, other things that went down:

took my sister & her friend to IdentityLA at LA City Hall.
sister’s highlight: free community concert where famous Korean dude performed.
sabster’s highlight: tacos from the taco truck

i spend a lot of time with my church fam. the high school girls (L) are the sweetest bunch around. as the story of my life goes, God humbles me and makes me depend on Him as i figure out how to lead these girls toward Jesus. the lil kiddos (R) are just my favorite! silly, sassy, and high-energy they be.

the photo below is pretty epic because the three of us on the couch managed to pull of a complete bday surprise for Choey.  Choey is one of those who you just can’t surprise…except if you plan a surprise two weeks before her bday!!! so basically. it was awesome.
thankful for her friendship

stephen, stanley, & alethia came back!!!! (more fam photos to come)

fam bam + future fam bam

speaking of fam bams, one of the sweetest couples ever, started their own fam! congrats to craig and bernice! jwalnut and i had lots of fun celebrating together (#myfavoriteweddingdate)

the wedding festivities continued as we got to celebrate our dear friend Charity’s upcoming wedding at her bridal shower!! you are loved Charity!!

ain’t she a beaut

and finally…

fung fam bam in all their glory

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