Eating through the End of Summer 2017

So, end of summer and beginning of fall/winter is here. Basically, there was a lot of eating mixed into adventure.

We went to the San Diego Safari Park!



but secretly, my fav part of that trip was dinner…we found this mom and pop Mediterranean restaurant called Ali Baba and everyone needs to go here. We got a platter for two to share between us four girls and no regrets…like NONE. These pictures don’t do it justice, but I wanted to post them so I can look back and drool over the amazing-ness.

Then a couple weeks later, Maester Bud hosted a Game of Thrones dinner party and it was also, the best meal of my life. Maester Bud knows how to throw a party, my fellow peeps. It was an honor to a guest in the House of Bud.

Like, look at this Ice King menu design.

That night was just . Words can’t even describe. Thank you Maester Bud for an evening of unforgettable festivities.

Festivities continued with JJ & Lucy’s show-stopping wedding at Los Willows in Fallbrook, CA. It was a beautiful venue and filled with so much love, sweetness, laughter, …and food. 🙂

Then one night, Lynnette and I attempted to study together…and this ended up happening at 9 p.m. I haven’t been out for late-night eats in so long. You end up ordering crazy stuff past 7 p.m. guys. It was a glorious mistake that neither of us regretted at Cafe Gunul in Buena Park, CA.

We made the high school kids play chubby bunny & stuff their faces with marshmallows.


this has nothing to do with food, but i love this photo and family – the lee family comes to visit me at work from time to time! they get to play in the fountain and i get to see some of the cutest kids grow up!


also, nothing to do with food but the solar eclipse happened! do you remember?! the whole nation went crazy watching it.


Noelle turned one!! such a sweet and lovely one. I love her so much!!

and one last favorite thing, Camel started in AOK!!!

story of my life – taking them creeper photos of cambam

this guy went to hong kong & he was looking forward to eating at cafe de coral so much that he made his own snap filter.


NFL season has started …meaning he gets to watch football & i get to eat happy hour food. Tried out Buffalo Wild Wings, TGI Fridays, and Applebee’s for their NFL happy hour and I think Applebee’s won.  I was surprised…but their spinach & artichoke dip + Asian steak taco appetizer is on point.


before summer ended, we had spring rolls in our casa! super yums! and good family time!

Super Roxy and I went to eat! And so many funny adventures happen with Roxy! The first time we tried to study, but ended up at an AYCE shabu shabu buffet.  Then later we went to Kaleo together and her car GPS wouldn’t work so I ended up driving her back with JW behind me to take me home – when all we had to do was plug her phone into her GPS for it to work. Good times with the Roxy. IMG_2770

and our favorite military couple Cow and Rob came back to visit!! We did poke lunch & a Mediterranean spread dinner complete with pita, chicken, microwaved beets, hummus, garlic spread, homemade falafels, Costco cheesecake, and a peach crostata (inspired by Maester Bud). ❤

And finally, the cool kids night out at AFF – after Friday fellowship. After a fun night working with high school & college kids, us counselor get in some good ole hang out time. #tcsjj


My heart is so full, guys!! Lots of food, people, and love! Winter is coming and lots more adventures to come! Thanks for following along.

Till next time,
the sabster



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