Austin 2017

Last month, sweet Charity invited Camel + Sab to join her on a quick weekend trip to Austin, TX – and what is Austin, but good eats, good people, and good times. 

It has been a busy and crazy last couple months, so Camel and I were SO thankful to have this quick but refreshing girls getaway. Some highlights from our trip:


you can’t not fly this way

I bought this lil bundle of carne asada heaven the night before, got a ginger ale as my preferred airplane beverage, and enjoyed my plane ride like a burrito boss.


So we got to try some tacos on the trip, and Camel’s PSA to the entire world: Please don’t go to Torchey’s, go to Veracruz All Natural (tex-mex tacos) or Las Trancas Taco Stand (street tacos). Camel doesn’t want you to be disappointed with an “okay” taco.


Camel and I were so thankful that Charity let us crash with her at her hotel room for a couple nights. It was an honor to be her plus twos (heh, thanks Mr. Chan for letting us take your place for a couple days).  Basically, it was amenities all day and all nightsss!!

4. HAPPY HOUR at June’s (one of Camel’s highlights!)

Literally, everywhere you go in Austin has a brunch menu and happy hour menu – and their happy hour menus are SO GOOD. (like where else can you get half off entrees!?!?) So, we had an early dinner at June’s where 1) Their happy hour is amazing. 2) Their food is equally as amazing. 3) Their interior design is modern, rustic, yet quaint – all the way down to the lit aromatic candles in their bathroom.

So, you basically need to go.

5. The murals of Austin: Everywhere in the City are unique and creative murals to enjoy. Although, most of the murals require the photographer to stand in the middle of street to take photo… so just don’t get killed trying to take a ‘gram photo. (kinda poor planning on someone’s part…)

this is for you J

6. The barbecue joint of choice was Cooper’s BBQ. Brisket and beef ribs all around with plenty of sides and beans. Happy bellies all around.


7. You might have noticed that 5 of the 6 highlights involved food, somehow. Honestly, that was 85% of Austin. But in order to make you not judge us for endless food… I am here to tell you that, yes, we did do other stuff like…

  • Visit the Texas State Capitol (this is where democracy happens!!! in Texas!!!)
  • Wait (with hundreds of people) for the bat flight along S Congress Bridge,
  • Find some amazing ice cream for Charity,
  • Find Poppy and watch people do graffiti art, and
  • Enjoy the view along the Lady Bird Lake boardwalk.

8. But, one of the prettiest views in my opinion was with us the whole time…Meet Mrs. Charity Chan, Liferay enthusiast, travel master, and spreader of joy.


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