Christmas in Mammoth (2017)

Welcome to a Fung family vacation! Let me take you on a journey of how it feels like to travel with the amazing Fung family!

Christmas vacations start with elaborate emails from Mommy detailing travel plans to the T.  Better not be late or pack too much, you’ve been warned!

This year, we are taking an adventure with the entire Fung family clan (Mommy, Daddy, Sabby, Stephen, Stanley, and Stephanie), Julie+Joanna, Joe Walnut, Alethia, and everyone’s beloved, Bolobao. We left on Christmas Eve and stayed over two to three nights, depending on vacation availability.


Good morning! It’s 5:30 – thirty minutes past estimated departure time – which is pretty good for ten human beings + one dog.  Here our journey begins!

We take turns driving, sleeping, and letting Queen Bolobao sit on our laps. (Stanley and Alethia even sleep alike!!  )

Perks of being on the road at 5:30 a.m.

On the Fung family vacation, you’ll be sure to notice, we try hard not to stop a lot on the road…but somehow… we still end up stopping places….

This year was special. Our goal was to make it to the Christmas Eve service on the slopes with the church Daddy helps with.  Service began at 1:00 p.m., hence us leaving at 5:30 a.m.  Miraculously, the whole gang made it up to the Mammoth slopes on time! THAT was a true Christmas miracle.

Daddy + pastor on the gondola

Up on the slopes, we got to sing Christmas carols and enjoy hearing God’s word preached – on top of a mountain!!

We took this picture after service. Joe Walnut is sporting some fancy boots, courtesy of Walmart.


Church is held on the first stop of the gondola ride.  After church, we took the gondola to the tippy top of the mountain where it was advised to . not . fall . down . the . mountain.

But our family is pretty fast at visiting stuff. So, soon after, we went back home to get dinner started.  If you read those emails, we each had meal duties on different days.

Look at that man go. My hero.

Nights in Mammoth consist of hanging out inside. Playing games. Relaxing on the couch. Making cookies. Karaoke. And watching a movie. Also, being on our phones and laptops is part of Mammoth.

Christmas Day – we opened our gifts. We aren’t too big on gifts for our family.  Some gift notables:

  • Gummy bears for Stephanie from Sprouts (allegedly the BEST gummy bears in all the nation)
  • Drone from Costco for Daddy from the kids
  • Plastic bowls + $$$ for the Mommy
  • A limited edition political card game for JW
  • An original FoxTrot autographed comic strip for Sab from JW!!

We went to the Village for a bit to get out of the house and take Bolobao out. It was pretty warm this time around – not much snow.

if we sent out couple christmas cards lol…

We eat pretty well in Mammoth, thanks to our Mommy dearest.  We made two of her famous prime ribs on Christmas night.  It got the Joe Walnut stamp of approval, the highest honor one could receive.

Merry Christmas to all from your favorite Fung family 



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