jan – march 2018

We celebrated so much within three months!

January happens to be a month of many birth celebrations! I am so blessed to have been loved by so many people and to be able to share a birthday month with so many other!

Roxy devised this surprise bday celebration with some of my closest friends! ❤ That was the sweetest!

Feelin’ the love majorly!

We also celebrated Rachel and Josh’s marriage! They threw the biggest and most beautiful wedding ever. It was a lot of fun!  #yuanmeover

THEN someone else, whom we all know and love, GOT ENGAGED!!! the day after Rachel and Josh’s wedding!!! 

Also, she is is my new favorite human being:

I found a new love – hiking. There’s something about being out of society enjoying God’s creation.

Stanley came home, and is home for a couple months so we’ll be having more family moments.

Baking a lemon chiffon cake

JW and I got to do our usual hanging out. We’re pretty low-key with our usual hangouts. That’s the way we roll.


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